Liana GL-LP-V2-17

Liana GL-LP-V2-17

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A masterpiece that weaves together the artistry of sheesha embellishments and exquisite embroidery. The front of Liana showcases a mesmerizing interplay of sheesha embellishments, adda-work, and embroidery. The side panels are adorned with intricate adda work, embroidery, and sequins, enhancing the visual appeal. The front, back, and sleeves feature embroidered and sequinned organza borders. An embroidered and sequinned organza motif embellishes the back neckline, creating a stunning visual impact.  The ensemble is complemented by an embroidered and sequinned organza dupatta, adorned with a pallu . The raw silk border for the dupatta adds a luxurious finishing touch.


Product Name: Liana 
Product Code: GL-LP-V2-17
Base Color: Lilac

  1. Sheesha-embellished, adda-worked, embroidered & sequinned center panel for front
  2. Adda-worked, embroidered & sequinned side panel for left (L)
  3. Adda-worked, embroidered & sequinned side panel for right (R)
  4. Embroidered & sequinned organza sleeves
  5. Embroidered & sequinned organza back
  6. Embroidered & sequinned organza border for front
  7. Embroidered & sequinned organza border for back
  8. Embroidered & sequinned organza border for sleeves
  9. Embroidered & sequinned organza motif for back neckline
  10. Embroidered & seuqinned organza dupatta
  11. Embroidered & sequinned organza dupatta pallu
  12. Embroidered & sequinned raw silk border for dupatta
  13. Dyed inner shirt lining
  14. Dyed raw silk trouser
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